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Human Visual Detection: Up to 50% Accurate

K-9 Scent Detection*: Up to 98% Accurate

*Properly trained and handled scent detection dogs

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Thank you for your interest in Pronto Pest Management and the pest control services we have to offer. We serve Detroit, MI and surrounding communities.

Pronto Pest Management is a full service extermination company, specializing in Detroit bed bug removal.

The pest control programs we offer are pro-active with our K-9 Bed Bug Detectives inspecting all units on a quarterly basis.

All units identified to have live bed bug activity will be treated weekly until all of the bed bugs have been removed.

Pronto Pest Management is an experienced Detroit bed bug removal company. 30 days after the last treatment we will send in our k-9 Detectives to reinspect all units and assure that they have been cleared of bed bugs.

Between quarterly inspections, there will be no additional charge for the inspection of newly vacated or rented units.

Bed Bugs Do Not Discriminate!

If your company does not contact Pronto Pest Management Detroit bed bugs removal once bed bugs are discovered, you are leaving yourself open to litigation! Contact us today!

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